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Staff assessment is the process of measuring the performance of employees in an organization. This type of evaluation is performed by supervisors or managers as part of a performance evaluation or coaching session or other assessment process. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an employee and provide feedback. With this information, managers can then design training and development programs that improve or maintain an employee's level of performance.

In conducting a survey for employees, it is important to be honest and transparent with the employee who is being evaluated. This will allow them to understand the main purpose of the assessment as well as the final result that both parties hope to be able to achieve. It will also boost their productivity by giving them relevant information and educating them on how to close the skills gap through proper training and positive attitudes.

Documentation of the assessment is important. The employee will be able to go back to the information provided after the meeting. This will make it easy for them track their progress and provide updates during future meetings.

No matter what method of evaluation you decide to employ, it is important to establish open communication between the employee and the manager throughout the process of evaluation. It is important to establish clear, unbiased objectives for each employee which are in line with the business goals. Employees who know how their work is related to the enterprise goals are more motivated to accomplish these goals.

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