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How to Choose the Right Conservatory Roof

A replacement conservatory roof is a great way to extend the life of your existing conservatory or simply modernise the appearance of your property. There are many different types of conservatory roofs available, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

What Are The Different Types Of Conservatory Roofs?

Conservatory roofs come in four main different types; polycarbonate, glass, tiled or hybrid.

Polycarbonate roofs are cheap and versatile, making them a good option for funny shaped conservatories. However plastic does look cheap and clunky and they are poor at regulating heat and cancelling out noise. 

Glass roofs let in an abundance of light and look more appealing than plastic. They can still be poor heat regulators which will make your conservatory cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It is important to be careful if opting for a glass roof. If you want to go for a striking glass option, make sure you choose a quality roof lantern

Our Atlas roof lanterns are up to 65% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems. Thermal break technology ensures that Atlas is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Solid tiled roofs give your conservatory the appearance of a more permanent structure. They also regulate heat better than glass or polycarbonate. They won’t however, let in any light so this would need to be taken into account with inside lighting and large side windows. 

Hybrid conservatory roofs combine both glass and solid tiled roofs and are often bespoke projects. They look fantastic and offer a decent blend of light and heat regulation. They can be a more expensive option as a result. 

How Do I Choose The Right Type Of Conservatory Roof?

We advise sticking with the original layout of your conservatory, as changing this will be an expensive job. The shape of your original structure will impact which style of conservatory roof you can opt for. The best overall option for maximizing light and retaining thermal efficiency, whilst also looking spectacular, is an aluminium rooflight. 

What Are The Advantages Of Aluminium Conservatory Roofs?

Thermally Broken

Thermal break technology ensures that Atlas is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Every element of the lantern has an ultra-low conductive element that separates the inner and outer aluminium skin, helping keep heat transfer down, and your heating bills low.

Hard-wearing Aluminium

The hard-wearing aluminium exterior gives a modern, architectural look. Atlas comes in a choice of 2 hard-wearing exterior powder coated finishes, with a white interior finish.

Smaller Ridge

A 66% smaller ridge than standard systems creates beautiful aesthetics. Every element of the Atlas Thermal Lantern Roof has been designed to be exceptional. From the low profile, 20 ̊ pitch that allows us to use purpose-designed cappings that keep sightlines to a minimum – and your view of the sky maximised – to the discreet black finish of our perimeter beam, that ensures if you view the lantern from above all you’ll see is glass and a discreet shadow line.

A replacement conservatory roof can be a great way to improve the appearance and lifespan of your existing conservatory. 

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