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Difference between Aluminium and uPVC : Which one is better

Windows are a key part of any building's design. They have a huge impact on its energy efficiency, security and appearance. Choosing the right material for your window or door is an important decision.

What is the difference between aluminium and uPVC?

uPVC stands for “Un-plasticated Poly Vinyl Chloride” and is a very light, robust and affordable window solution. It is easy to clean and maintain and has been a popular choice for British housing for many decades. 

Aluminium windows are made from lightweight aluminium, which is extremely malleable and ductile. They are also unique in that they are 100% recyclable, and the quality of recycled aluminium is near perfect, meaning that it can be recycled repeatedly!  

Are aluminium windows better than uPVC windows?

There are several benefits to choosing aluminium windows instead of uPVC. 

Aluminium windows are growing in popularity, due to their narrow, light maximising profiles and their striking contemporary looks. The polyester powder coating creates a long-lasting finish, which won’t corrode and will last longer than a uPVC alternative.

If you are looking for coloured double glazed units, then aluminium is extremely versatile and offered in a wide range of spray finishes. 

How much does aluminium cost compared to uPVC? 

Budget often plays a big part in deciding on which materials to choose for a project, and unfortunately, all these fantastic benefits come with a higher price point than standard uPVC. However, when you take into account that the average life span of Aluminium windows reaches 45 years, compared to just 20 years for uPVC, the product can prove very cost-effective in the long run! 

Here at Prior Aluminium, every window is double glazed for energy efficiency and built exclusively for you! Our configuration, finishing touches, and over 200 colours make it easy to add your unique style to your home.

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