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Aluminium Home Improvement Trends

Home improvement searches have more than doubled from 2020 to 2021, so we have put together a list of our 3 favourite aluminium trends from the past year.

1. Glass & Light

A key theme in 2020 home renovations was to bring the outside in, generally achieved by incorporating more glass into the home, either through windows, doors, or glazed roofing.

Our favourite products to achieve this theme include:

Bifold or sliding doors

Both offer you large, uninterrupted glass areas, and our sliding doors are ideal for smaller spaces as they are unobtrusive and therefore don’t take up space once the doors are opened. Both doors are thermally efficient, offer optimum performance and have a long lifetime.

Panoramic windows

For floor to ceiling glazing with minimal framing, panoramic windows are the perfect choice. They are strong and lightweight, and completely open a room to let light flood in and can reach a height of two storeys.

aluminium house installation

2. Extended living spaces

Extended living spaces, or the refurbishment and revamp of existing rooms such as garages or old conservatories are a great way to increase and upgrade your living space and make use out of a room that otherwise wouldn’t be utilised year-round.

Glazed roofing is the perfect way to transform your home; not only allowing extra light into it, but also adding extra height into a room. Aluminium roof lanterns and flat rooflights are designed with architectural principles in mind. Equally slim sightlines throughout the lantern mean you get the most from your views and similarly the flat rooflight sits flush with the internal plaster line, creating the illusion of an open roof.

3. Aluminium as the choice material

In particular, slimline aluminium has proven to be the material of choice in the past year for home renovations; it is incredibly strong, low maintenance, weather resistant, long-lasting, thermally efficient and good-looking.

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