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2021 Glazing Trends

With home renovations on the rise, we thought it could be helpful if we put together a list of our favourite glazing trends for 2021!

Our first vote goes to aluminium windows.

A timeless classic - aluminium windows are a super-slim, super-modern choice for your home. This doesn’t mean they are out of place in more traditional properties however, aluminium windows are great because they can be made bespoke to match your property or suit your preferred style; with some aluminium windows, you can add glass decorations such as astragal, Georgian or decorative lead bars to emphasize a more traditional style.

Aluminium windows are:

  • Eco friendly (100% recyclable)
  • Thermally efficient (can help you save money on energy bills)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable (they can last without being changed for as long as 30 years, as they are incredibly resistant to outside elements)
  • Affordable

Our second favourite glazing trend: Glass walls/curtains.

If you are looking to flood your home (or office) with natural light, glass walls are the way to go. If you perhaps don’t have the views to be able to make the most of floor to ceiling windows, glazed roofing is the perfect substitute, looking up to the sky rather than directly into your neighbours’ home!

With plentiful options to choose from including:

  • Roof lanterns
  • Skyrooms
  • Flat rooflights
  • Lean to
  • Conservatory

It’s easy to find the perfect fit and style for your home, and your budget

Our third and final favourite glazing trend: Doors with glazing as a feature.

The perfect way to make an entrance and add to your home’s kerb appeal is to personalise your entrance door’s glazing. At Prior Aluminium, we offer a variety of styles, colours and decorative glass options, to create a distinctively beautiful look for your home.

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