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Chemists are not just geeks in a laboratory. Some are really beautiful geeks in a lab — and also make great dates!

Listed here are 15 reasons to date a chemist:

1. The puns. You'll have fantastic "biochemistry." Chemists have got all the "solutions" and fantastic "figures."

2. Chemists have minds. This organ is not overrated.

3. Your own time often will let you figure out precisely why your meal meal keeps slipping flat. (The kitchen is really the laboratory of the home.)

4. Chemists love the important points.

5. Chemists like mastering — and revealing that enthusiasm for information. You'll have your own trip guide at the science middle.

6. Chemists cannot give-up conveniently. They're ready to commit to some testing and attempt numerous strategies being satisfactorily resolve an issue.

7. Lab coats are very spiffy.

8. Chemists are diligent. Countless their work is time consuming and repetitive.

9. Chemists are superb with children and also at parties, thanks to the miracles of dried out ice and easy at-home presentations.

10. Chemists are constantly fascinated by just how circumstances function. You'll start looking at common things from another point of view.

11. Chemists focus really as well as have amazing interest covers. Off the lab, you'll be offered his/her complete interest, as well.

12. The date might be a person who wants to hold finding and improving. Aspiring to quantifiable advancement is actually inspiring.

13. Chemists don't allow bacteria affect their own results. No reason to bother about bad health here.

14. Chemists are practical thinkers. If you're expected out-by a chemist, he or she most likely really wants to date you — and it has currently put plenty of idea engrossed.

15. Chemists like structure and security. This can include healthy, loyal relationships.

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